Our responsibility is getting clients to your business. Keeping the clients depend on you. We will never take any responsibility for this.

It is one thing getting the clients and it is another thing keeping them. It is advisable to keep the clients for a long time because getting them is not cheap. The  truth is that many businesses do not do this well.

There are many factors that enable business in keeping clients. These are factors like products or services, prices, relationship, treatment, support, integrity, reliability, and so on.

The first factor that brings the clients to your business is your products or services. What do you have to offer? How valuable it is? The higher these are the more likely the clients are willing to stay. The second factor is price – is you price reasonable and affordable? 

Other factors include your relationship with them, how do you treat them before and after they buy your products or services. Do you treat them well enough? Do you give them good customer support? Are you reliable? Do you operate with integrity?

The other strong factor is competition. Are your competitors out smarting you? Observe how they are doing it and re-position yourself.

All these are the things you need to do for your business that we cannot do for you. We only get the clients to your business but keeping them is your responsibility.

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